-- BLOG --                                   

<220506-01>:   So, I've started this kinda... BBS... log... messageboard-type
               site so that I can share stuff easily. Well, easier than what I
               tried before. I think this will turn out nice.

<220506-02>:   Looks as though everything is set up nicely now. May mess around
               a little bit more later, though... polishing and whatnot.

<220507-01>:   coding is an excellent distraction from my problems

<220519-01>:   Summer approaches. I wonder if I can keep up with this website
               and blog and all that... I'm notoriously bad at updating things
               when I put them online. NEOCITIES is making things a lot easier
               for me though; I don't have to go through an FTP now so updating
               the website is a lot more straightforward.

<220603-01>:   I wonder if I should host stuff on this site or just have it be
               a hub or like... just a place to point people to where I do
               stuff. I guess I'll also have the "blog" here because it's not
               like I have anywhere else I regularly post updates about things.

<220603-02>:   If you can call this "regularly"

<220607-01>:   I've been procrastinating a bit with this website... I plan on
               having a place for links and stuff, but that hasn't happened yet
               and I want to share links already... so in the meantime, I'll
               just do this for convenience:

<220607-02>:   [ITCH.IO] (There are more links here)

<220709-01>:   I wonder if and when I'll finish the rest of this site. I'm
               pretty procrastination-prone... ugh it sucks everything sucks

<220727-01>:   Made good progress on my game today, though not much.

<220827-01>:   adulting sure is the thing ever.

<221005-01>:   Autumn leaves begin to fall. I make small strides.

<221107-01>:   Hi TWITTER people! Welcome to my sanctuary.

<221219-01>:   Happy 18th anniversary, Cave Story!